Bridgestone 275/40 R20 TYRE

Bridgestone’s 205/55R16 tyres are built to fit a wide range of vehicles and are engineered to perform when it matters most. Popular among small sedans or subcompact cars such as the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and Nissan Sentra, you can find the best tyre for your next adventure at Dubem Tyres.
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Premium, all-season tyres to help get through moderate winters and summers. Providing a great driving experience with confidence throughout the year. Promising a great wear, the tyres are specially designed with lens-shaped blocks which ensures the smoothness while evacuating water. As the water turbulence gets low, the tyres are relieved of the risk of hydroplaning. Created with the purpose of providing strong traction on both wet and dry surfaces, the stable cornering makes them a number one choice in various regions. The front-rear balance is a great addition which makes the tyres dynamic and driving quite smooth. Overall good tyres for superior handling precision in all weathers.


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